These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions to Stiltec.

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Where are Stiltec products manufactured?

Stiltec products are all manufactured in Australia. We source only the highest standard ingredients. They are manufactured under the highest therapeutic manufacturing standard (GMP) in a manufacturing plant which is regularly audited for compliance to this standard.

Why can't I buy Stiltec products in the Chemist or Health Food Stores?

To ensure affordable prices for our customers, we sell our products directly to you without involving a middle company that would increase the cost. Stiltec products are exclusively available through carefully selected eyecare professionals who prioritize your well-being over profits. You can also purchase our products online from our website.

I dont have a card to pay with online.

For those that are unable to pay by bank or credit card we will happily send out a 14 day account that can be paid either by direct deposit or electronic funds transfer. Just call us if you want to pay using this method. Please note, if it is your first order, the order will be held until payment is received.

How are Stiltec products delivered?

We generally use DHL & Aramex Couriers. Delivery times range from 5 to 9 days depending where you are located in New Zealand. We are located in Brisbane, please allow for this when it's time for you to reorder. For remote areas and P.O. Boxes we use New Zealand Post.

What is your Return Policy?

We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. Stiltec will refund or exchange where goods are faulty or damaged during transit. Please contact us if you need to return a product. You can find our returns policy here.

When will my parcel be dispatched?

Orders will be shipped within 2 working days.

What happens when I am running out?

When our database shows that you may be running low on your products we will send you a courtesy reminder email, or a reminder call. Naturally, you can contact us when you are ready on 0800 622 883 at your leisure.

Can I take the products together?

Yes, the Multivitamin is not a replacement for Macutec or Lacritec. You take Macutec or Lacritec as a result of the recommendation of an eye health professional based on your condition. It is important to continue to follow the recommendation you were given. Many people take a multivitamin to supplement their nutrition as it can be difficult to always obtain adequate nutrition from diet alone. By taking the Stiltec Multivitamin with your existing Stiltec product it is safe and no individual ingredient dosage is considered too high.

Do I need a prescription to order?

No, Stiltec products are available to all people without the need for a prescription.

How long do I need to take the products for?

This can vary person to person. Macutec is typically recommended by Eye Health Specialists patients for on-going support as you age. For Lacritec, it will depend on the severity of your dry eyes and your individual response to the formulation. We have patients that are able to stop or reduce the dosage after a few months and others that require Lacritec everyday to maintain the benefits.